MetaSaga Warriors

Enemies and Bosses

Group Mobs


These are creatures that are commonly found underground, such as Axolotl, Ricochet, Zombie, Slime, Skelly, Bat, Bandit, and Miner.


A snake clan is an enemy group consisting of diggers that once served the kingdom. But now, they worship the snake god and offers soul in exchange for power, roaming around the caves looking for their next victim. The Snake Clan is master at using poison and venom in combat. But some of their kin can also heal their ally.


These creatures are naturally created by the elements dormant in the world of Permafaria, Each elemental harnesses one elemental power at a time, these said creatures can be found anywhere under the ground.


Alien-like creatures that came from the void. They can take the form of diggers to bait and potentially become their next victim. Void dwellers were born to devour living souls. Void crystals keep them alive, and can also corrupt other creatures.


These are creatures that are powerful enough to instill terror throughout the world of Permafaria.

The Moonboy

Floats around and throws explosive coins, occasionally checking if he can buy Lambo with his coin.

The Bad Actor

Slowly approach the player looking like a good man, but don't let the looks deceive you, for this creature transforms into a frenzied creature that will eradicate everything in its path once it gets close enough to its target.

The Shiller

Literally an angler fish with a megaphone instead of light. Uses sound waves to attack and communicate with other species. The Shiller Lurks in The Floods, So be careful where you swim!

The Wrench

Mysterious being flying around on a giant wrench. An agile creature that can close the gap in a short amount of time to its target. But that's not all, the wrench also uses a wrench.. of course as a boomerang to take down its target!

The Brute

A massive creature locked in chains. This creature has a book in his head, rumors said that the book in his head contains the combination to free this massive creature free. Once free, this guy can stun any creature with a single punch! So, be careful about spreading rumors, he might hear you and get the idea of how to free himself and run amok throughout the world of Permafaria!

Mr. and Mrs. Quantum

Moves around freely like ping pong balls bouncing on walls. They don't do much but they are tethered with electricity that can do serious damage to any creature in Permafaria.