MetaSaga Warriors

Game World Levels

Each levels gives you a different type of world and enemies, it is your duty to conquer each world to save the kingdom of Molavia!

The Mine Shafts (Level 1)

A typical stone and dirt cave held up with wooden beams and littered with mining equipment. Although creatures that lives here are not that strong, it still pose dangers for the people who let their guards down. (Danger: 1| Loot: 1) (You can get here through the cave entrance)

The Graystone (Level 2)

A Deeper layer into the cave, the walls are all stone, long and sharp stalactites and stalagmites protrude from the floors and ceiling. (Danger: 1| Loot: 1) (You can get here from Level 0 and 2)

The Roots (Level 3)

Sunlight seeps through this level, as roots from a giant tree, unknown on the surface, break apart the rocks and supply flora with the much water it needed to grow. (Danger: 0| Loot: 1) (You can get here from level 0 to 9)

The Floods (Level 4)

The part of the cave that are flooded with water, inhabited by fishy creatures and ghosts of sailor. A strange sound echoes through the dungeon. Who, or perhaps what may it be? (Danger: 2| Loot: 2) (You can get here from Level 1 and 2)

The Blind Hive (Level 5)

An expansive area filled with blind monsters, insectoids, and creatures that uses black magic. Better bring a repellant for those scary inscets! (Danger: 3| Loot: 3) (You can get here from Level 1,2, 3 and 9)

The Ancients (Level 6)

The former home of ancient inventors, infested with automatons and traps that outlived it’s creators. No one has ever gone this deep and the area is untouched. Who knows what may lie throught he deeps of this dungeon, it may be a treasure left by the creators untouched or something that lived over thousand of years protecting the place their creator left them. (Danger: 5| Loot: 5) (You can get here from Level 4)

The Magma Pits (Level 7)

A hazardous area with lava, and obsidian. This houses large fire golems and demons. (Danger: 5| Loot: 4) (You can get here from Level 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9)

The Frozen Tomb (Level 8)

A cold level deep inside the cave. probably the deepest area. Less enemies but extensive cold walks. But beware, having less enemies does not mean it will be a walk in the park, better come prepared than nothing! (Danger: 3| Loot: 2) (You can get here from Level 2,6 and 9)

The Swine Hell (Level 9)

Literally hell, Walls similar to the Ancients but more ruined and inhabited by half-human, half-beast. They are hyper-aggressive and have cultish-like behavior. On this floor, either you prepare for the incoming battle or you meet your own creator. (Danger: 4| Loot: 4) (You can get here from Level 2, 4, and 9)

The Crystal Cove (Level 10)

A section of the cave with black stone with eldritch plants with fruits that glow. It has lots of crystals and is infested with crystalized enemies. (Danger: 5| Loot: 5) (You can get here from Level 2, 4, 8)