Why it's going to be fun

MetaSaga Warrior is a Roguelike free-to-own NFT game where you venture into ever-shifting dungeons packed with unique challenges on a quest to vanquish the creatures corrupting the lands.

Game Overview

The game features a shifting mechanic that allows players to switch between three characters to powerful chain attacks.

“Every run is different”

Various upgrades and power-ups will be offered to the player each time his character levels up during the gameplay, allowing him to approach dungeons differently as it gets complicated the deeper the descent. MetaSaga Warrior’s main feature is the procedurally generated dungeon. Different dungeons will be created each time a level is loaded. Unique paths will be crafted together with random rooms, traps, treasures, and monsters, delivering an exciting and fresh experience at the start of the game. Games are always played for entertainment or fun, that is why MetaSaga Warriors is aimed to be built towards that experience while still enjoying the benefits of the modern feature - Play-and-Earn. We believe as a team that putting fun first over money is the more sustainable approach to play and earn gaming.

“Play and enjoy"

Gamers play to have fun, that is why MetaSaga Warriors is committed to that experience while still offering the benefits of blockchain technology. Our game is meant to be played for entertainment, and all the while earning by having fun. We believe as a team that prioritizing the players’ enjoyment is the more sustainable approach to play and earn gaming.

Game modes

Dungeon Crawling - Gather your own team and explore challenging dungeons. Find various loot to upgrade your arsenal!

In the PvE mode, the player has to complete multiple levels until he reaches and defeats the final boss which then the game loops from the beginning with increased difficulty. The loop continues until the character dies.

Every character has their own special ability that can be used in combat. These abilities are strong but need to be charged by defeating enemies. After using the ability, it goes on cooldown before it can be utilized again.

Defeating enemies also provides the experience points needed for leveling up the characters. Upon leveling up, the player is presented with three unique upgrade choices ranging from stat boosts to various effects that can synergize with the other upgrades.

Boss Raids - Fight against epic bosses and obtain unique and powerful items!

In Boss Raid mode, players can fight against powerful bosses. These bosses will drop more powerful and unique items but players can also lose items upon death.

PvP Battles - Battle against other players and earn exciting prizes!

PvP mode is where players can test their skills. Players fight against each other in order to be on top of the leaderboard. High-ranking players will receive a bunch of loot and rewards.

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