Lore - The Big Pulse

The world we're building

Long time ago, a crystal meteor crashed into the earth. It crawled, sank and melded into the ground as if it was breathing.

For years, the crash site pulsated and it was felt throughout the world attracting diggerkind. Diggers built communities around the site, harvesting the crystal fragments and digging deeper into the earth. The crystals are dangerous in their unstable form, it causes physical and mental deterioration, decay, and death, just by holding it in one’s hand. But with their knowledge of the arcane and recent use of technology, they managed to stabilize, contain, and control it. They used the crystals for magical energy, transport, power, even weapons. It enhanced their innate elemental properties coupled with their advanced technology. They also established cave systems in layers, and became content with their home, until one digger dug too deep and unearthed the meteor’s core.

One strike, the core released dreadful energy corrupting all the layers that the diggers once called oasis. The surviving diggers tend to the entrance, fighting off corruption, monsters, and catastrophes coming through for decades.

Today, we will venture into the caves to destroy the core once and for all.

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