MetaSaga Warriors

Lore - The Big Pulse

The world we're building
Long ago, a crystal meteor crashed into the world. It crawled, sank, and melded into the ground as if it was breathing.
For thousands of years, the comet emanated a beckoning force felt throughout the world, attracting all of diggerkind. The diggers were in awe as they were afeared of this mysterious thing from above. Those who were curious to touch the crystal suffered a progressive physical and mental decline, and many succumbed.
But the diggers are persistent geniuses. With their aptitude for arcane magic, they developed the technology to stabilize, contain, and control its energy to further advance their civilization. They used it to amplify their magic and power their world.
The comet’s power now in control, the diggers settled around the crater, establishing cave systems that stretched far and wide. For centuries, they were happy and content in the home they named Permafaria.
The diggers' knowledge of the arcane and the natural elements made Permafaria a thriving civilization fueled by the comet. Their progress demanded more and more crystals until one day, they dug a little too deep.
They hit the core.
With a single strike, it exploded a massive amount of dreadful energy, reaching every corner of their paradise. It corrupted many diggers that turned against their fellow and brought monsters from other worlds.
Those who made it out of caves found themselves fighting these abominations. For decades, they stood their ground at the entrance, fending off anything that comes through. But the diggers know the onslaught would go on forever… unless they destroy the core.
And so they shall.
Join us as we explore the marvelous Permafaria and battle with us at MetaSaga Warriors!