MetaSaga Warriors

NFT Characters


The Knight can withstand any hit with its defenses, and is also adept in melee combat and can exchange blows with even the heaviest hitters. With a knight in your party, your other digglers are bolstered to be like him and they also receive less damage!


The Wizard focuses on the mystical arcane, years of studies grant its spell more firepower. Having a wizard in your party will give you non-stop blabber of the arcane and also more damage to your spells.


Olé! Enter the Musketeer! It will not only capture the gems but also your heart! The Musketeer is fast and also adept with both melee and ranged combat. With a musketeer in your party, your other Digglers will follow its rhythmic steps granting them bonus dodge chance!


If you are having trouble with foes that have strong melee attacks and slow movement, why not try having an archer in your party? The archer is a ranged class, elite with the bow and arrow. The archer also teaches your party to have a keen eye on the foes’ weak spots, granting critical strike chances.


The Berserker is the most reliable class of breaking the foes’ formations. With high health and melee prowess, this beast can plow through crowds of enemies and having one in your party encourages other digglers to a warpath granting them bonus lifesteal.


Need a helping hand? The Engineer’s on it! When switching, it will summon a turret that can help you keep foes at bay! Also, having an Engineer in your party will give you the much needed boost to physical and magic damage.


The Vicar does not excel well in combat, but it can support your party well with the blessing of the gods! The Vicar heals your other allies when you switch to it and it also grants passive health regeneration. What a blessing!

Plague Doctor

Mysterious and even terrifying, this odd class focuses on the weapon that kills on its own: Poison. But don’t worry, when it is on your side it helps you resist such negative effects.


The elemental, powerful in both physical and magical strength. They hold the secrets of primal fire magic and having one in your party causes your other diggler’s attacks and spells to burn, even if they are different elements.


This class is the expert of guns, their skills allow them to stay out of reach while foes try desperately to close the distance from the Artillery. Having an Artillery in your party grants all your digglers more knockback chances to keep distance.


The Magitech is the product of ancient research and technology of the meteor from decades past. They have overwhelming power that spells sometimes get overcharged. When you switch in magitek, it will release stored energy dealing heavy damage to surrounding foes.
(The longer the time away from battle, the higher the damage?)

Dark Knight

They are digglers that came out of the cave too late when the pulse happened. Fortunately, they kept their sanity and vow to help digglerkind. When you have a dark knight in your party, it gives your other digglers thorns, hurting those that hurt them.